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AOI and Inspection

The highest possible quality standards

To ensure the highest possible quality standards, no product leaves Active-PCB without inspection. The company inspects to customers’ criteria using the best tools, which can include X-ray and advanced AOI systems.

Inspection is a critical process within the production cycle, as well as in repair, rework and refurbishment. Here, Active-PCB has special expertise with resources for BGA rework and QFN rework.

PCB manufacturing process


All products assembled on the production line are automatically inspected using the Automated UltraVision Optical Inspection equipment.

This facility consists of comprehensive inspection capabilities that fully analyses boards to ensure they are manufactured in accordance with the specification and quality requirements.


The in-house X-ray equipment is used to inspect devices that are difficult to inspect using the vision system. As well as offering 2D automatic X-ray inspection (AXI), Active-PCB delivers X-Plane® Analysis 3D-imaging capability via a Nordson-Dage XD7600NT system.

This cutting-edge equipment helps develop perfect processes by identifying issues and designing out their causes long before the project is finalised for production.

Vision Inspection

In addition to the AOI inspection and X-ray, all assembled products are visually inspected by a team of IPC-610 trained quality inspectors using the Vision Engineering Mantis magnification vision system.

This kit offers incredible detail and flawless 3D imaging; the ease provided to the operator ensures that product viewing doesn’t cause discomfort, potentially compromising the quality of the service provided by the quality inspectors.

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