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Market Sectors

Aerospace and defence

Prototyping and production for sensitive defence work

Active-PCB undertakes many prototyping and production contracts for products used in counter-terrorism and communications that are subject to stringent controls.

Because of these rules and regulations, Active-PCB’s skills in intricacy and precision are incredibly vital to the prototyping and production processes.

Some go a step further with national security implications that demand restricted production areas and personnel access that must be rigorously enforced.

Active-PCB has special facilities to accommodate sensitive defence work, while aerospace contracts benefit from AS9100 certification, the widely recognised quality standard for the aerospace industry.

Automotive and motorsport.

The very best in reliability, despite the most hostile conditions

The ever-increasing electronic content and continuous technological advancements in the automotive sector make it one of the most challenging markets. The highly demanding automotive industry places great emphasis on exceptional quality and zero-defect production.

Products and systems are critical elements in the management of mechanical and electrical systems to improve overall vehicle performance, convenience, and monitoring in areas such as emissions control, fuel efficiency, navigation technology, safety and security.

Active-PCB offers manufacturing and operations capabilities that deliver robust, reliable electronic components, manufactured to succeed in the extreme heat, humidity, dirt, and vibration of automotive applications. With miniaturisation providing major challenges to the industry, precision is becoming even more important, and tolerances are stricter than ever.

Customers can rely on the expertise of Active-PCB to supply the most tried and tested methods to achieve such intricate results. The highly competitive motorsport environment demands the very best in reliability, despite some of the most hostile conditions electronic subassemblies will ever encounter.

Typically, one-off products are required exceptionally fast as race teams develop cars and bikes at breakneck speed. Active-PCB’s ability to deliver robust products on super-fast turnaround helps its motorsport customers perform at the highest level.


Quality-assured electronic products for the high-tech sector

With smarter technology becoming more prevalent in recent years, the evolution of the communications sector and the devices within has been enormous.

Smarter technology has come to the forefront and is beginning to shape our lives. Components are becoming smaller and more intricate, so Active-PCB’s skills and experience are hugely important in making sure that trends are followed and that parts become more precise.

Active-PCB supplies quality-assured electronic products for the high-tech sector covering computing, datacomms and telecommunications. A proven ability to adapt and innovate, alongside a continuous investment in equipment, keeps the organisation’s expertise ahead of these leading-edge technologies, allowing the business to supply brand name companies in commercial and industrial sectors with competitive products.

Industrial and commercial

Manufacturer of choice for customers in oil and gas pipeline inspection

Active-PCB delivers a broad range of services to customers across the industrial and commercial sectors.

Fastidious attention-to-detail to ensure maximum reliability has made the company the manufacturer of choice for customers in the oil and gas industry who require highly complex boards in short time scales. Active-PCB’s environmental stress testing adds value and supports reliability in the field, giving customers the confidence that their products have been tested and are able to operate in a variety of conditions ranging from normal to extreme.

In commercial markets where today’s consumers demand constant innovation, rapid product evolution and accelerated time-to-market is essential. Aesthetically perfect products need to be engineered quickly and at exceptionally competitive rates, providing value across the board and ensuring that nothing is compromised.

Active-PCB understands these unique challenges, and with effective New Product Introduction (NPI) processes and stringent quality controls are able to help customers accelerate their time-to-market and hit quality and profit targets.

Medical and Laboratory

Meticulous attention-to-detail and sophisticated test systems

Customers in the medical sector require life critical medical products built with long term reliability, responsiveness, and a quick time to market from their medical electronics manufacturer.

This includes the highest levels of traceability alongside tight process control. Active-PCB can meet those needs, offering rapid manufacturing services without scaling back on the quality. Commitment to testing, quality and ISO 9001:2008 accreditation ensures that they can provide electronics assembly solutions which are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

Electronics used in laboratory equipment must also be flawless. This plays to Active-PCB’s strengths, with meticulous attention-to-detail and an array of sophisticated test systems to validate every product. With absolute quality as a prerequisite, Active-PCB’s refined manufacturing processes in surface mount and through-hole technologies deliver the precision necessary for these demanding lab and instrumentation assemblies.

Semiconductor Manufacturers.

Test and development boards to support new integrated circuit devices

Active-PCB supplies test and development boards to support new integrated circuit devices. The UK has many start-up chip design companies; these businesses do not require high volumes but do need very quick turnaround.

This approach suits Active-PCB’s proven NPI capabilities and helps its semiconductor design customers gain a competitive advantage by getting to market fast.

Technological improvement has become one of the main goals of the semiconductor industry, meaning that even the smallest competitive advantages can push a company forward in huge strides. Active-PCB’s desire to lead from the front gives customers the edge needed to compete in a busy market.

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