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Conformal Coating

Many more applications are now demanding a coating

Conformal Coating is used to protect electronic systems when they are used in hostile environments where there is a chance of them being compromised by contamination from chemicals or moisture.

However, there are other benefits to conformal coating; it can also dampen the effects of vibration and help to reduce current leakage.

In the past, Conformal Coating was mainly demanded by military and aerospace customers, but now many more applications are demanding a coating of some type. These customers want to ensure that the quality applied to their electronic components is high, and this is why Active-PCB is trusted to deliver that quality.

Active-PCB is capable of handling a variety of materials and techniques from spray coating to potting, and will design a process to suit the needs of the product.

Conformal Coating products available are:


Solvent or water based – provides elasticity and protection, and if needed, can be easily removed by solvents


Provides excellent protection across a wide range of temperatures

(Poly) Urethanes

Known for its excellent moisture and chemical resistance


Offers excellent dielectric strength and resistance to solvents, moisture and extreme temperatures


Low friction properties combined with top rated heat, chemical and weather resistance

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