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Traceability & Accountability

Traceability & Accountability

All of Active-PCB’s materials are fully traceable throughout the supply chain, ensuring quality remains across every source. It is important to give customers as much information as possible, providing them with the confidence that they are getting the best possible service and the best possible finished product.

When Active-PCB orders materials, these come with traceable elements which are then passed down the supply chain, keeping everyone informed of where the materials come from and the specifications they meet.

Essentially, traceability is about having full details of where parts have come from. This can include information such as the supplier, order number, batch number etc. Internally, Active-PCB employees are informed on which boards were built in which batch, and what parts were used. If a customer requests this information, Active-PCB can tell you all the details of the materials/parts used to build your boards. These details are stored on the company’s MRP System.

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