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Active-PCB Solutions has been manufacturing for OEMs in the EMS market since 1997. The company ranks among the very best in its sector, and is renowned for its responsive, fast turn solutions for small to medium batch, high-complexity assemblies. Proven expertise and exemplary customer service differentiates the organisation. Active-PCB Solutions has established a unique infrastructure dedicated to its customers’ prototype and production needs, no matter how challenging or how urgent.

Large batch volume capability covers complex technologies like flip-chip, package-on-package (PoP), Micro BGAs, QFNs and exacting Ultra Fine Pitch work. This is backed up by outstanding repair, rework and refurbishment expertise with resources that include X-ray validation for BGA rework and QFN rework.

Production capability is further strengthened by a robust strategic business partnership in China. Through this channel, Active-PCB Solutions manages assemblies from prototype concept to competitive volume production, without compromising product or build quality.

Based in the M4 corridor, Active-PCB Solutions location is strategic. Just a few miles from London and a few hundred metres from the motorway is optimal for logistics and commerce in the region.

Active-PCB Solutions takes pride in its commitment to super-responsive, conscientious customer service and in its quality. Customers in motorsport depend on the company’s agility to gain a competitive advantage for themselves. Others in the laboratory equipment sector are able to take quality for granted. And confidential operations for customers in counter-terrorism and defence are evidence of Active-PCB Solutions competence with complex and critical assemblies.

Having carved a niche in the semiconductor design sector, Active-PCB Solutions provides test & development boards to accompany new devices from many chip manufacturers, highlighting the company’s skill in small and medium batch sizes of high-complexity. Such customers do not require high volumes but they do need fast turnarounds.

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