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With quality and service at the heart of the business, the company deploys sophisticated test resources to fully verify assemblies. Test drives quality so Active-PCB Solutions tests to its customers’ exact specifications and beyond using a combination of flying probe, in-circuit, functional and boundary scan systems, backed up by environmental test to guarantee dependability in the field – a critical aspect for customers in Oil & Gas, among others.

Flying Probe Test

  • Shorts Testing utilising both adjacent pin & NZT techniques
  • Device and Pin "Opens"
  • Full analogue parametric testing
  • Vectorless IC open pin testing
  • Digital testing via probes and fixturing/cables
  • Optical Test
  • Powered Test
  • Device Programming

Burn-In and Heat-soaking

Active-PCB Solutions offers burn-in and heat-soaking of assembled products to detect particular components that would fail during the initial, high-failure rate stage of a products life.

In Circuit Functional Test

A comprehensive selection of test equipment complements any bespoke items required to test your products so that all of your functional test needs can be catered for.

Boundary scan

JTAG Technologies is used to carry out boundary scans of products.

Active-PCB Limited COVID-19 Statement

All at Active-PCB Solutions fully appreciate and support the worldwide concerns in relation to both the wider public risks and the business interruption risks for our suppliers and customers.

Our production is currently fully manned and operational. We have ensured our staff are fully educated on the symptoms of Coronavirus and we have implemented additional hygiene processes. We have asked people to work from home where possible and cancelled all non-essential face-to-face meetings.

We are working with all of our customers to ensure they receive our full support during this time.

We have also registered our production capacity with the UK government to offer our support in building the required ventilators and medical devices, doing this will have no negative impact on any current or future production. We are already supporting a number of medical companies with their existing production.

Our supply chain is currently stable and intact, with only small delays and we are regularly communicating with our customers.

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