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Quality in manufacturing should always be a given. It is at Active-PCB Solutions. This is evident in how the company secures and maintains its Quality Certifications endorsed by approved industry bodies. These prove the exemplary level of skill and service that guarantee capability across the industry.


Active-PCB Solutions takes its commitment to environmental best practice seriously. The company recycles all appropriate materials and makes energy efficiency a priority throughout all processes. Steps such as intelligent equipment utilisation planning and scheduling reduce energy wastage. No clean, low residue fluxes and solder pastes are used wherever possible. The environmental commitment is supported by ISO14001:2015 certification.*



Active-PCB Solutions Limited COVID-19 Statement

All at Active-PCB Solutions fully appreciate and support the worldwide concerns in relation to both the wider public risks and the business interruption risks for our suppliers and customers.

Our production is currently fully manned and operational. We have ensured our staff are fully educated on the symptoms of Coronavirus and we have implemented additional hygiene processes. We have asked people to work from home where possible and cancelled all non-essential face-to-face meetings.

We are working with all of our customers to ensure they receive our full support during this time.

We have also registered our production capacity with the UK government to offer our support in building the required ventilators and medical devices, doing this will have no negative impact on any current or future production. We are already supporting a number of medical companies with their existing production.

Our supply chain is currently stable and intact, with only small delays and we are regularly communicating with our customers.

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