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The ever increasing electronic content and continuous technological advancements in the automotive sector make it one of the most challenging markets. The highly demanding automotive industry places great emphasis on exceptional quality and zero-defect production. Products and systems are critical elements in the management of mechanical and electrical systems to improve overall vehicle performance, convenience and monitoring in areas such as emissions control, fuel efficiency, navigation technology, safety and security.

Active-PCB Solutions offers manufacturing and operations capabilities that deliver robust, reliable electronic components, manufactured to succeed in the extreme heat, humidity, dirt and vibration of automotive applications.

The highly competitive motorsport environment demands the very best in reliability, despite some of the most hostile conditions electronic subassemblies will ever encounter. Typically, one-off products are required exceptionally fast as race teams develop cars and bikes at breakneck speed. Active-PCB Solutions ability to deliver robust products on super-fast turnaround helps its motorsport customers perform

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